View over Thorpe St Andrew

Street Lighting

The Town Council are responsible for the maintenance of 627 streetlights within the town, those in the Dussindale area maintained by Norfolk County Council.

We have a 5-year programme of replacement work for older streetlights. Streetlights identified as requiring immediate removal will be dealt with as an emergency and either made safe or replaced with a new column or lamp.

There are occasions when a replacement column has been erected next to an existing light. This is because either the electricity supply is waiting to be transferred by UK Power Networks from the existing to the new column, or the existing cable cannot be re-used, and a new service is required. All cabling works are undertaken by UK Power.

LED Lighting

The yellow/orange sodium bulbs are no longer available and so LED lighting is being installed as part of the column/bulb replacement works.

If you would like to report a faulty Street Light to us, please call us on 01603 701048 or click on the link.

Reported faults and the streetlight details are forwarded to our contractor, if the bulb needs replacing it will be converted to LED in line with Government guidelines. This in turn reduces energy costs.

Please allow five to ten working days for our lighting contractor to attend to a fault once it has been reported to us.