Ladder Pre-use Check

Your Name
Serial No
Location of Equipment
Date of Purchase
Disposal Date
Is the ladder correct for the task?
Is the ladder in good condition and free of slippery substances?
Can the ladder be secured (tied-in) at the top?
Can the ladder be secured (tied-in) at the bottom?
If (3) or (4) cannot be achieved, will a second person ‘foot’ the ladder?
Is the top rung level with the platform?
Is there good handhold at the place of landing?
Is the ladder at the correct angle?
Is the support for the ladder adequate at both the upper point of rest and the foot?
Is the ladder properly positioned?
If carrying tools/equipment, is there provision to keep hands free for climbing?
If an extension ladder is used is there sufficient overlap between sections?
On the step-ladders are the stays, chains or cords in good condition?
Can the step-ladder be placed sufficiently near the work on a firm level surface?
Is the ladder clear of overhead electric cables?

By submitting this form you confirm that the pre-use check on this piece of equipment has been completed and the item is compliant with work equipment regulations (PUWER, COSHH etc.) and safe for use.