Defibrillator and Cabinet Check

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CABINET CHECK: OPEN CABINET to carry out checks

Is the power light on top of the cabinet showing as operational? (IF APPROPRIATE)
Do the key pad access keys work?
Is the cabinet internal light working?
Is the thermostat set to the correct temperature? (as per manufactures guidelines)
Is there any water or condensation inside the cabinet?
Does the door open and close correctly?
Is there any damage to the cabinet?

DEFIBRILLATOR CHECK: Remove AED before checking

Is the rescue ready indicator showing as operational (see manufactures guidelines for further information or contact for further advice)
Are the AED pads in date?
Pad 1 expiry date:
Pad 2 expiry date:
Is the Face Towel, Razor, Scissors Disposable Gloves and Face Mask are present?
Is the battery indicator showing as operational?

If you have any concerns about your AED equipment please report it to your custodian or contact